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Our experience cuts across a diverse array of industries and issues — from health care and Hollywood to fast food and Silicon Valley high-tech. We are teammates alongside corporations, charities, universities, and associations. And our clients stay with us, so our experience isn’t just broad, it’s long-standing and in-depth.

California’s political landscape is nothing if not dynamic. The names, faces, and key players change with every campaign cycle. One thing, however, stays the same: as a dominantly Democrat firm in an increasingly blue state, Capitol Advocacy’s network of relationships continues to dominate Sacramento’s power structure. We’re known for more than our ability to win. We have grown a reputation for becoming policy experts and for providing strategic direction that prepares our clients for success — before there’s a crisis.

Communicating with Capitol Advocacy will be easy. And when you do, you will always work with our top-level teammates.Our business model means there are no mid-level associates at Capitol Advocacy. You’ll have the expert, ‘round-the-clock point-person you need, and if we go to battle we will bring every senior-most resource we have to bear for you.

John Latimer is the managing partner of Capitol Advocacy and is widely regarded as one of Sacramento’s most influential lobbyists and strategic advisors.   John has extensive experience working on a variety of policy issues, including many health care issues, and representing associations, corporations and other entities with interests in state government.  Much of this representation focuses on advocating on behalf of clients who are in the midst of pitched legislative battles at the Capitol. 

Kristy Wiese is a partner at Capitol Advocacy with almost twenty years of lobbying experience, focusing primarily on healthcare issues.  Kristy has represented providers, health plans, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and many other stakeholders in the health care delivery system.  In addition to her lobbying experience, Kristy served in the Administration of Governor Gray Davis as the Deputy Director for legislation at the Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA), an experience which gave her great insight into the inner workings of the administrative and regulatory processes in state government.

Matt Back is the President of Matt Back Government RelationsMatt Back, Government Relations

Matt Back is the President of Matt Back Government Relations, a full service lobbying firm based in Sacramento.  Matt has worked in California politics for nearly twenty years, with experience both inside and outside of state government and maintains a reputation for effectively lobbying complex legislative and regulatory issues on behalf of his clients.  Since opening his firm, Matt represents a broad range of corporate interests including leaders in the biotech, medical device, financial services, private education and telecommunications industries, a broad portfolio that enables him to cultivate relationships throughout the Capitol.