2022 Speaker

The Tip Jar Culture:

How Secrets from the Piano Bar can Elevate Employee Experience

Tuesday, January 31, 2023

12:15 PM - 1:45 PM

About the session

What makes a piano bar one of the most engaging environments on the planet? You find the "Tip Jar Culture™️" once you step inside.

Imagine what it would feel like if each person in your organization took the three engagement elements from the Tip Jar Culture and brought them into work daily.

Using stories, songs and statistics, attendees will learn about the three elements of engagement within the P.A.C.T. framework (Participation, Appreciation, Collaboration and Transformation) and how they use this knowledge to create more impact and find more enjoyment in the work they do each day.

  • Understand the actual cause of disengagement and the leading cause of engagement.
  • Discover the three types of people in any organization and what that tells us about the experience they expect at work.
  • Learn what employees think when they hear the words engagement & retention. 

Keynote Speaker: Gregory Offner


Doctors handed Gregory two options: lose the ability to speak forever, or undergo vocal surgery requiring a complicated and lengthy recovery.

But Gregory soon learned that this first procedure was only the beginning.

Five years and 15 surgeries later, Gregory transformed his voice and life.

Today, as an award-winning keynote performer, Gregory helps organizations and the people within them elevate the experience of work and use piano bar secrets to inspire their people, amplify teamwork & collaboration, and build organizations full of highly fulfilled, high-performing people.

He discovered his perspectives on navigating change and his passion for creating experiences that 'rock' could serve, inspire, and delight audiences worldwide.

The use of music in his programs (as a metaphor for engagement and resilience) connects with audiences in a profound and unforgettable performance, leaving them refreshed and equipped with skills to reframe obstacles as opportunities.

His programs have broad appeal and can be customized to suit events with diverse roles and responsibilities in the audience and for audiences composed mainly of leaders.

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