How Dental Plans Protect Data and Financial Transactions Against Cyber Threats and Fraud Risks

How Dental Plans Protect Data and Financial Transactions Against Cyber Threats and Fraud Risks

Tuesday, September 24
4:00 PM - 4:45 PM (CT)

In an increasingly digitalized world, the dental industry faces a unique challenge in safeguarding not only patient data but also their financial transactions from cyber threats and fraudulent activities. From understanding vulnerabilities to implementing robust security measures, there are numerous insights needed by dental plans to protect themselves in the ever-changing cyber and payments environments. With current fraud trends targeting legacy payment modalities like paper checks and increasing rates of mail fraud, to increasing global cyber threats that are targeting the healthcare industry, Information Security and Fraud Security best practices are top of mind. 

    Tyler Stoltz 

    Fraud Manager at ECHO Health

    Tyler Stoltz is an unparalleled leader in cybersecurity and payment fraud prevention. He is known for his extensive expertise and pivotal role in uncovering an alleged $2 billion Medicare fraud scheme while leading the fraud prevention strategy at ECHO. As a trusted consultant across a spectrum of industries and enterprises, Tyler specializes in fortifying systems and transactions against dynamic threats, blending profound technical knowledge with transformative strategies that establish him as an authority in payment security.

    Currently, Tyler serves as the Fraud Manager at ECHO, where he oversees the protection of annual payment volumes exceeding $140 billion. Tyler and his team have saved ECHO clients over $100 million in annual fraud losses through industry-leading fraud modeling, strategies, and controls. His comprehensive understanding of the payments landscape, coupled with a keen insight into emerging cybersecurity and fraud trends, and a proven track record in shaping and executing robust strategies, instill confidence in his ability to shield businesses from cyber threats and payment fraud.

    Tyler holds a master's degree in Economic Crimes and Fraud Management from Utica College and a bachelor's degree from Tiffin University. His career includes senior roles at the Office of Investigative and Market Analytics (OIMA) and the Center for Risk and Quantitative Analytics (CRQA) at the United States Securities and Exchange Commission as a contractor, further solidifying himself as a leader at the intersection of cybersecurity and financial integrity.

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