Decoding Tomorrows Dentistry

Decoding Tomorrow's Dentistry: Insights from Data Trends

Wednesday, September 25
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM (CT)

A data-driven glimpse into the future of oral health, based on industry trends and expert forecasts : Amid the continued oral health industry chatter about A.I. technology, concerns about maintaining human involvement in technology advances, the continued demand for improved member experiences, the growth of Medicare Advantage, medical-dental integration – and more – it’s a challenge to understand where we are, let alone plan for what what lies ahead.

Fluent’s dental domain and analytics experts will break down data-based trends and forecasting to suggest what tomorrow might bring. This immersive presentation will help dental organizations of all sizes chart their course, revealing growth opportunities and show attendees how to “decode” Fluent’s market insights to their advantage.

In this session, the audience will discover:

  • An overview of current market trends
  • The effect of network value
  • The “advantage” of Medicare Advantage and its impact on the oral health industry
  • How payers can learn and grow from past and future trends 

Mike UrbachMichael Urbach

President, New Markets, Fluent

Mike oversees all aspects of driving revenue growth for Fluent's dental analytics business solutions in new markets. Mike has over 20 years of experience in the healthcare informatics space and has developed and successfully sold a variety of informatics solutions to all stakeholders in the healthcare marketplace, including payers, providers, suppliers, and consumers. He has worked at informatics companies large and small, public and private, including HCIA, Solucient, Pharmetrics, and IMS Health. Mike has a BA from Syracuse University, an MBA, and an MHA from the University of Pittsburgh.


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