From Vision to Reality

From Vision to Reality: The Journey to A.I. with Early Adopters 


Tuesday, September 19

3:00 PM – 4:00 PM (PT)

From small dental practices to large global insurers, the dental industry seeks alternatives to the status quo to enhance the member-provider experience and improve outcomes. Many are evaluating artificial intelligence (A.I.) as a solution, but only some are talking about the true, industry-changing potential the technology can have or their journey to get there. 

Join us for a lively discussion between industry leaders for an inside look at how they evaluated and executed a successful A.I. strategy to transform their organizations. This panel will share real results and experiences implementing A.I. to help attendees realize the potential of introducing this technology into their organization. You can expect to learn how A.I. is currently being used to:

  • Improve member experience.
  • Strengthen payer-provider connections.
  • Tackle fraud, waste, and abuse.
  • And drive better patient outcomes.

Take advantage of this opportunity to hear from industry leaders about their journey with artificial intelligence and how it is transforming the dental industry.

Dr. Christopher Balaban

Vice President of Clinical Affairs at Overjet 

Christopher Balaban, DMD, MSc, FACD, is a practicing dentist in Boston, MA and serves as vice president of clinical affairs for Overjet - the industry leader in dental artificial intelligence. Dr. Balaban holds a master’s degree in biomedical science and graduated Summa Cum Laude from Boston University’s Goldman School of Dental Medicine, where he was also a clinical instructor in the Department of general dentistry. He is a member of the national dental honors society, Omicron Kappa Upsilon, and was recently appointed to fellowship by the American College of Dentists. His passion for dentistry and technology came together when he joined a group of scientists from MIT three years ago to help grow Overjet into a company that is helping to shape the future of dentistry through artificial intelligence for the next generation of dentists. Overjet has received Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance for its Dental Assist AI product and was named one of the top 100 AI startup companies worldwide in 2021. Dr. Balaban has written numerous articles on artificial intelligence and its application to dentistry, published in Compendium, IDH, IDT, and JADA. He is a leading contributor to the ADA’s seminal white paper on Augmented Intelligence, where he leads the authorship of the ‘Clinical Use of Dental AI’ section. Dr. Balaban and his clinical team are working with some of the largest DSOs and payers to adopt dental AI into their operations and document its benefits. 

Dr. Stewart Balikov

National Dental Director and Director of Dental Special Investigations at Elevance Health

Stewart R. Balikov, DDS, is a 1983 University of Southern California School of Dentistry graduate.  He joined Anthem in 2017 and is currently serving as the national dental director and director of dental special investigations, having previously held the national dental director and utilization management for Aetna. Dr. Balikov is an accredited healthcare fraud investigator through the National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association and a Certified Quality Assurance Consultant through the California Association of Dental Plans. Additionally, Dr. Balikov is a Certified Dental Consultant and a past president of the American Association of Dental Consultants. Dr. Balikov is a member of the National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association, the American Association of Dental Consultants, the American Dental Association, the California Dental Association, the San Fernando Valley Dental Society, and Alpha Omega Dental Society. He maintains a limited practice in the Los Angeles, CA, area. Dr. Balikov currently holds licenses in California, Colorado, and Arizona.

Dr. Peter Fuentes

Vice President, Chief Dental Officer, and Dental Product Head at MetLife

Dr. Peter Fuentes is a graduate of the Johns Hopkins University (BS, Neuroscience) and Rutgers School of Dental Medicine (DMD).  He spent 15 years in private practice owning and operating 7 multi-specialty dental offices in New Jersey.  Before joining MetLife, Dr. Fuentes served as the chief dental officer for LIBERTY Dental Plans. He has nearly 10 years in the dental benefits industry. He has created multiple value-based programs and plan designs recognized by the American Dental Association (ADA) and the Dental Quality Alliance (DQA).  Dr. Fuentes has been asked to lecture on value-based programs nationwide for multiple organizations, including the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). As the chief dental officer for MetLife, Dr. Fuentes has direct oversight of the Network Development team, the Quality Initiative programs, and clinical policy at MetLife. He is a member of multiple dental organizations, including the American Association of Dental Consultants (AADC), the American Dental Association (ADA), and the National Association of Dental Plans (NADP). 

Dr. John Campbell
Dental Director, Dental Claims, and Specialty Benefits Division at Principal Financial Group

Dr. John E. Campbell was born and raised in Collinsville, Illinois. He attended Creighton University for undergraduate and dental school, graduating in 1987. He joined Principal Financial Group as the Dental Director of the specialty benefits division and has been practicing in the dental industry for 30 years. Dr. Campbell serves on the Iowa Board of Dental Examiners and is an adjunct professor at Creighton University, Omaha.

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