Data Monetization

Data Monetization: Applying a Value-Obsessed Approach to Data & Analytics Programs

A Better Strategy for Valuing Data and Analytics in Your Organization

Tuesday, September 19

1:30 PM – 2:30 PM (PT)

Studies show that investors favor companies that demonstrate data-driven behaviors and even more so, companies that productize their data. IT and business executives may discuss data as one of their most important assets. But few behave as if it is. Becoming data-driven is more than self-service or advanced analytics. It’s about measurable outcomes and starts with identifying innovative, easy-to-generate new value streams from data assets. Fortunately, data has unique economic qualities compared to other assets, enabling it to be refined, integrated, packaged, and deployed in infinite ways. Unfortunately, most organizations have no defined process or function for monetizing their data. 

In this discussion, West Monroe will share a well-honed approach to identifying and tracking the value of data assets, capability investments, analytics use cases, and data products – supported by real-world examples from West Monroe’s Innovation Fellow, Doug Laney’s new book, “Data Juice: 101 Real-World Stories of How Organizations Are Squeezing Value from Available Data Assets.” West Monroe believes that many health, dental, and ancillary benefit payers can strategically use data and analytics to track and articulate value more clearly. 

Cameron CrossCameron Cross
Director of Technology
West Monroe

Cameron has a focus on helping West Monroe’s clients become data-driven organizations. He leverages delivery expertise - technical delivery execution, process design, and organizational change - to bring lasting results for the clients. Cameron recently helped a large electric utility define and execute a customer analytics strategy on the heels of Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Analytics implementation. Cameron helped the client by creating measurable improvements to customer satisfaction surveys (CSAT) and digital experience improvements and realized cost reduction related to customer support functions. Cameron is a motivator and organizer at West Monroe. He sparks excitement in the team through active planning and participation in technology hackathons and knowledge-sharing workshops. He is helping launch an energy and utilities tech incubator at West Monroe to define digital offerings for utility clients. Cameron has been with West Monroe since 2011 and has a degree in computer science from DePauw University. 


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