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The latest concept of a smart house resulted in everything from siren systems and smart cameras to doorbells , and thermostats. Ajax Alarm Systems is the first company that offers an integrated alarm system for homes. The Ajax alarm system comes with more than two dozen different products like cameras sirens, detectors sensors and a control panel for networks as well as many other features. A majority of security experts believe that Ajax is one of the most intelligent alarm system that is available on Hikvision, and it is open source.

But what specifically is Ajax? It's short for Automatic Jukebox Access virus. The program was created by hackers with extensive understanding of the Internet. This includes programming languages like Java and C/C++, as well many other file formats and protocols. Ajax utilizes the encrypted HTTP protocol as well as the XML Web Service to protect it from hacker. This is done via specially designed websites. Ajax programs can be distributed by encrypted messages which can be considered "secure" to users who are authorized.

The most important aspects of AJAX Alarm are the sensors that allow users to interact with the system in a completely useful manner. The typical Ajax sensor resembles an ordinary photo frame or a tiny digital photo album. It is typically placed in the house in areas like the bathroom or kitchen. But, there are other types of sensors, and they are also available. For instance, you can put motion detectors in closed circuit cameras.

To allow the alarm system to function efficiently the user must be connected to a computer and an Internet connection. That's where you'll get the computer software that generates the alarm system's response and displays alarms. The program generates an HTML page that is displayed on a Web browser on the control room's web server.

Web-based AJAX applications are typically not as complicated as they may appear. The basic AJAX alarm system consists of four elements that include an Web browser with the Web access control controller, an application logic, and data binding. Web browsers usually contain the JavaScript engine, which is a programming language that is similar to HTML an image-based tool and a storage device for data and images. Web-access controllers allow users to interact directly with the website application. Application logic is the program that runs on the user's PC, while data binding binds the different elements on the page.

The Web access controller is able to communicate with Ajax sensors, as well as any other component that requires new information. AJAX provides a variety of convenience features. For example, it can permit a user to choose the length of time he would like the alarm to remain silent as well as whether he wishes to use the alarm to be vibrated or siren-like and whether he would like an alert sound, and so on. It is also possible to alter colors and words on the screen by using specific models.

The Motion Protect outdoor motion sensor uses the same four components that comprise an AJAX alarm system. The sensor is an infrared camera which can detect movement, and when triggered, will emit an alarm sound. The camera is powered by an rechargeable AC adapter. It is unique in the sense that it does not have an external display. Instead the internal LED display shows the activity. The two sensors are used on a tripod at the front of the unit, while an optional third sensor is located in a location that can be easily reached by the user.

One of the great things about this alarm system is that the user does not have to perform much work to trigger an alarm response. A simple visual signal sent to your mobile phone can do the trick. AJAX technology allows you to respond in just a couple of minutes. The motion sensor settings can be set to notify you whenever someone enters your home or office, if they enter the perimeter, or are within a specific range of your home.